Lower Nabs Farm Fresh Foods
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK Tel: 01260 227218

In case you live too far away to visit us personally, here are some photos of the farm animals. You are quite welcome to use any of these royalty free images on your own website, all we ask is that you credit us with a link back to our site. If you do, please let us know so that we can visit your site too!

Jack and Drift

Ducks by the Farm Shop sign

Karma the Llama in a good mood!

Jack posing for the camera

Karma considering further action!

And about to take it!

Hen with new chicks

Time for a feed

First one to Mum gets the milk!

Spotty piglets rooting

Baa Baa..

Mum Wildboar with lots of baby boar

Feed Us!

Spotty Goat Gruff

Like water off......

Cock and Bantam

Little Goat Gruff

Where's the Zebra crossing then?

Big Boar!

Billy Goat Gruff

Baby wildboar

Sheep Shearing on the .....

.....hottest day of the year!

Wrapping the wool

Carry, Andy and Jack

The First Ducklings!!

Have a break...

Week-old foal

Still finding my feet Mum!

Farmers market here we come